Wednesday, 9 December 2015

2015 Reflection

My Reflection

Over the past four terms I have attended  Point England School it has been a really huge experience. I am feeling proud that I have managed myself and made it to the end of 2015!! and the end of year eight. If I was to give myself a grade out of 10 for been awesome I would pick 9 because I have tried my best at everything and have been working hard to get every task finish on time.

One thing that encouraged me to do better was our  year eight leadership camp, because all the year 8’s grew stronger and stronger and became more mature with things. Each year eight student has changed in a huge and awesome way.

I like contributing to team five by learning and listening to the teachers when I'm supposed to. Helping out around the senior block and contributing to sports around the school because it is helpful and respectful.

Throughout this long year I have achieved one of my main goals which is playing and learning many sports and encouraging other to join sports. Sports is one of my favourite hobbies to do because you exercise and become fitter.

Things that I would like to change throughout next year would be to communicate and interact more with people and be a lot more confident with myself. For next year’s teacher I would like you to know that I am going to try my best at everything I might trip but hopefully I get back up. And I am going to join as much sports as I can.

I found a lot of things difficult like literacy because I really don’t like writing and reading but this year I am trying to become better with literacy so that I can have a better future for myself. Things I found satisfying was maths and sports because I love things subjects and hobbies. Maths is my favourite subject and I love any type of sport.

Things I would like more help with would be being more confident in front of other people and learning more with my literacy so that I can become better with it. To show my teacher to understand these things you would have to read this reflection and show some photos from this year.

Thursday, 3 December 2015


This week we have been learning about algorithm this is my presentation that we have been learning about in Miss Clark's maths class.

Anzac Day

 Anzac Day
What was the impact? Were there people dying every second? It’s hard to imagine that over sixteen million people died and twenty million were wounded ,  In five years . I wondered why hundreds of men volunteered ? Wouldn't it be really scary? Men aged 15 travelled to world war . That’s very sad because they went there to die . Blood everywhere , dead bodies just lying around . That is the most hardest thing to imagine in life. Everybody thought they were going to holiday  but sadly they werent.

I felt really sorrow for the crosses that I saw on the field of remembrance ,  sitting in silence for around five to ten minutes . Nobody talking everyone just writing down their feelings and emotions . I sat and wonder to myself , how was I feeling? I did not really know….. Until it hit me I was feeling very serene and also A bit grateful. Because they fort for us , I was also feeling excited because they won the war . Our literacy class headed back to class and then we started writing about our feelings and experience of that moment.


This is my poetry that I have being learning about ,the word I picked was envy because I wanted to pick something I wasn't familiar with. We were making our poetry with senses  and feelings I really liked that everyone in my literacy class made one each and we all had different words 


This is a presentation that we had to learn before our writing test. The structure we used was called tree. T stands for Title, R stands for Reveal E stands for Events and the last E stands for Ending. To have a very good writing piece you should have T.R.E.E in your writing. This is what I highlighted about this story.

Touch Game

Image result for Touch rugby

As I got into the hall I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach I was wishing they would go away. I could see everyone’s faces were getting more and more anxious. When Miss Vaafusuaga was calling out the roll I had struggle trying to say yes. I was nervous that we were going to a year 7 & 8 mixed touch tournament on Dunkirk Road. When she finished the roll it felt like the tournament was just minutes away.

First ,  everyone got into lines to get ready to walk to the tournament. As we got closer and closer to the fields . I felt like my heart was going to burst out I was so scared that we might lose our first game. I could smell sweet flowers coming from the side of me as we were walking towards the fields so that cheered me up a little bit.

Then we finally got to the fields and our coach Tyson told our team to do warm-ups. I could already smell body odour going through my nose it was horrifying. First we did settle which is when the wing, link and middle work together to try get closer to the try line. Then it was game time our first game was against tamaki primary cowboys. Boom before you know it we already had scored a try.

Altogether , we had six games each game was fifteen minutes and we didn’t have halfs. Our second game was against tamaki primary tigers when we got onto the field I was feeling really because there team looked really hard and fast. But I was also confident about our team to because we had just won our first game against there other team.

After that , I was even more excited to play the next team because we had just won our last two games. I was killing inside because butterflies were getting to me it felt like I had a huge  knot in my stomach. But I faced it then bang! our fifth game was already on we played against glen taylor this was on decision game because if we won this we were automatically in the finals that game went so fast.

BANG! we won everyone in the team was so excited that we were going to the finals. I wanted to burst out a fantastic smile but I kept it in because we still had one more game to be crowned first place.

Suddenly , we see glen taylor walking onto the field so we all had a great feeling that we were playing them in the final. But it was anyone’s game I was so terrified I asked to sub off first and just watch for a little bit. We were halfway through the final and still no one and scored in was intense then all I see was Asena score on the right wing everyone cheered all I could hear was “GO ASENA” .

Then I jumped on the field I was so scared I wanted to run off and scream. But no I couldn’t let the team down then we scored again and again BANG! the timer goes off and we had won the tournament their team looked shattered because they came second place.

My Rhyming Poem About Our Block

This week we are learning about rhyming poems and we had to get into partners and make up a poem. This is my poem about starting school. I also put my rhyme scheme in it to show my endings.